Provides direct access to a select group of highly converting content providers recognized both domestically and internationally.

Who We Are

AdZumi Creative is a full-service advertising and digital marketing agency based in San Francisco, CA and Jackson Hole, WY. We specialize in direct CPM and CPA placement services with leading content providers. Unlike traditional affiliate networks of the past, AdZumi does not place it’s ad inventory within an affiliate group, but rather we are the portal to a select group of highly converting content providers, with domestic and international recognition. Our content providers are leaders in the online media, gaming, and Ai information distribution with average impressions in excess of 20 million per month.

Decades of Experience

We are a leading domestic and international Ad agency forged by the success and failures of the digital ad space from its early beginnings in the .com boon to the emergence of AI.

Team of Skilled Pros

Led by seasoned advertising and content pros, our agency delivers innovative advertising solutions that result in increased conversions, exposure, and relevance.

We Evolve We Adapt

Much like the US Marine Corps motto to “improvise – adapt – overcome” Adzumi continually evolves to the current digital ad space in order to better serve the advertiser.

Specialized Content Providers

Adzumi fosters and builds direct relationships with a select group of Content providers covering the leading tech and news topics.

Why Work With Us

We are not a network of affiliates looking to place advertisements across 1000’s of members. Rather the opposite, as we are not an affiliate network at all. We are the portal for a network of direct advertisers and ad agencies providing access to a select group of in demand, high traffic, highly converting content providers.


1. Protect the Integrity of Content

Adzumi protects the integrity of the content our providers create by screening all advertainments prior to placement.

2. Increase Conversions

Adzumi increases conversions for advertisers (and thus their ad agencies if not direct) as we place advertisements only in those verticals that convert high on each site.

3. Reduce Operating Costs

Adzumi eliminates the need to police and maintain affiliates as our select content providers (less than 10) are all leaders in their respective genera – with monthly impressions in excess of 20 million.

4. Increase Revenue

Adzumi increases revenue for our content providers and reduce their reliance on the ad exchanges by providing direct access to advertisers and agencies that their internal resources just cannot access.

5. Increase Agency Credibility

Adzumi builds our ad agency partner’s credibility with their clients by delivering consistent reliable high converting campaigns metrics.

6. Promote Shared Success

Adzumi creates a platform that rewards the advertiser, ad agency, and partner content provider.


Adzumi evolved from the early days of Affiliate marketing to its current state as a leading provider of digital direct marketing to leading content providers as a result of the continual change from industry consolidation as well as the lightning fast pace of digital advancement within the digital ad space itself.
The founders of Adzumi were pioneers within the Australian, Indian, and American digital affiliate landscape, as well as instrumental in the advent of digital B2C internet commerce. They forged several affiliate networks in all three countries and were instrumental in helping companies like Groupon and Living Social create the product side daily deal explosion. Ever nimble and keen to changes within the digital advertising industry, the founders were able to migrate through the consolidation of the affiliate space in 2009, seize the next opportunity and adapt to the daily deal landscape in 2012 while remaining keen to the next cycle in digital advertising.
The decline in daily deals that occurred in 2014 and the consolidation of affiliate networks into DoubleClick prior to that and the implementation of the ad exchange required a new look at the industry as a whole as standard CPMs were no longer profitable to networks and the old models just didn’t seem to adapt to the new market space. The founders took time in 2014 and 2015 to enter into the industry and learn what these new changes would mean to the digital advertising space and content in general.

The Old Model

Advertisers were once told the same old fantasy of how the affiliate model will grow their business, it went something like this: “Affiliate marketers are the fuel to your business’s fire. They increase visibility of your offers, gain larger volumes of traffic, and ultimately add to your revenue. At the end of the day, affiliates bring in more profit with less effort on your part. And if managed well, this powerful strategy is very costeffective!” www.clickbank.com Sounds great and for a small minority it does function like this at times, but in reality, the majority of providers, advertisers, agencies, and affiliates it brings:

  • To the Advertiser : Bogus leads, unverified CPM’s, questionable tracking, low click conversions when fraudulent traffic is removed.
  • To the Affiliate Network : High costs to police the affiliate base, $1,000’s lost in affiliate payments to fraudulent traffic, low conversions, increased operational costs to verify new affiliates, reduced margins.
  • To the Ad Agency : Disappointed conversion, disappointed clients, delay in payments, verification costs, reduced margins.
  • To the Affiliate : Legitimate sites have increased inventory competition, reduced cpm’s, and inventory. The illegitimate sites receive $ for fraudulent work, incentive to create more bogus sites with fraudulent traffic, more $’s.
The old model simply rewards affiliates who promote fraudulent traffic with bogus sites leaving little for the companies, Ad agencies, affiliate networks and legitimate affiliates that all invest millions into their content and sites to drive and attract readership and visits. This model simply does not work for those who make the investment.

Lessons Learned

The dilution of credible content made digital advertising a risky space unless an agency could offer a unique alternative for affiliates or advertisers. This is when Adzumi’s founders once again relied upon their adaptive capabilities. The reliance on affiliates and the time spent monitoring them was simply too time consuming and costly. Advertisers were consistently not receiving needed ROI on CPM, and bloated teams were required to manage the affiliate network. Revenue was diverted to their maintenance, as advertising dollars decreased with declining conversions. The solution was to illuminate the Affiliate Network.
Why try and place a select few advertisers with 1000’s of affiliates that required constant maintenance, oversite, and cost? The answer was to invert the model. Forge direct relationships with a few Key Content providers that were being underserved in the ad space due to their limited sales teams that resulted from the cost of their creative component. Create the network with direct advertising firms rather than the affiliates, and hand select those campaigns that convert historically on our client’s content.Adzumi quickly leveraged some of its long-standing relationships, combined it with direct campaigns of its own, thuscreating a bridge for companies and ad firms to all enjoy higher conversions and premium CPM’s.

Services We Offer

Over the years of being in the industry, we’ve made sure to have a lineup of services.

Protect the Integrity of Content
Adzumi protects the integrity of the content our providers create by screening all advertainments prior to placement.
Media Buying
Our agency offers comprehensive media buying across a majority of modern information mediums... Newspapers, Printed Billboards, TV...
Using the new media in a successful way is all about crafting a conversation that generates leads and sales for your company.
Creative Advertising
Creating content, images and big ideas for your next advertising campaign is perhaps nothing less, than an artform... It's just that...
Brand Identity
Your brand's visual identity is a critical part of your business. That's because customers always see your brand through their eyes first!
Public Relations
We are indeed a holistic, 360* full cycle agency, we are happy to offer public relations services to all of our customers.